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Equinox - Amber

Equinox - Amber

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A piece that grabs everyone’s attention!

It speaks for itself with its beautiful amber color and intriguing texture. You can keep it anywhere you want, and it will work like a relaxation therapy for you. Thus, a must-have for all! 

Scent Notes

Available in 4 scents:

**La Carbet (Egyptian Amber)**
Top: Jasmine, Leather
Mid:Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Sandalwood
Base:Light Musk, Dark Musk, Amber

**Les Salines (Violet & Saffron)**
Top: Geranium, Bergamot
Mid: Raspberry, Violet, Rose
Base: Vetiver, Leather, Saffron

**Havensight (Peak Autumn Leaves)**
Top: Cinnamon, Citrus
Mid: Green Leaves, Berry, Apple
Base: Cedar, Pecan

**Long Bay Village (Autumn Alpine Valley)**
Top: Champagne, Bergamot
Mid: Balsam, Cedar
Base: Pine, Juniper, Moss, Patchouli

Candle Weight

Candle Info

Burn time: 76.5 Hrs
Wax: Soy Blend
12.75 oz. Hand-poured Candle
Wick: Wooden (2)


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Any orders placed after a Wednesday during warmer months (May to September) will be shipped that following Monday; if the order includes a candle. 

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